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In the current economy it is imperative that every company review the contracts on ALL goods and services to ensure that the proper value is being received. Frankly, any contract for goods or services that is more than nine months old is based upon pricing structures that would not be competitive if they were negotiated today. Additionally, many processes used in your Purchasing/Procurement or Operations organizations are no longer “best practice” for your business model. Because of our background and experience, J. Philip Group can assist you in determining some “quick targets” that can make an immediate impact on your P & L Statements as well as ‘next steps’.

Third Party Logistics Processes: Using a third party logistics provider for supplies can be a very cost effective way to provide all of your needed consumables, including everything from toilet paper and janitorial supplies to merchandise bags and cash register receipt tape. There are many companies out there providing these services, and J. Philip Group can evaluate your supply distribution method and advise you of 'gaps' in your program. The third party logistics vendors will always propose a program to you that is the most profitable for THEM … We can show you how to reduce the overall costs of your supply distribution program.

Supplies, Equipment, & Consumables Consulting: In the consumable supply category, savings can be generated quickly from several different paths. The answer isn’t “always” to run out and bid the category. J. Philip Group can coach your team in some areas that will result in quick savings with minimal impact to the organization.

Janitorial Services Mentoring: Let us help you start your housekeeping service, or move your existing service to the next level! There are few service industries out there today as competitive as Janitorial Services! Our team has proven expertise in helping develop and grow revenue for Janitorial operations!

Business Services

J. Philip Group has broad and varied professional associations throughout the industry which will be invaluable in providing cost-reduction solutions for your company. After an introduction meeting, we will study the opportunities that were raised in our conversation, and we will come back to you with an initial set of recommendations, which may include some business-to-business introductions. We have a broad knowledge of the various industries we represent, and will recommend introductions to appropriate vendors whose unique approach is well suited to your situation.

Your team is already busy with the challenges of running the business daily. They also have special projects that keep their calendars full. Every company has a long list of things they would like to do to reduce costs, but they end up on a back burner due to tight resources. You know that if you could get some of these items completed, it would reduce expenses and make your job easier. J. Philip Group specializes in managing cost reduction projects for you, taking the burden off of your team. With an introductory phone conversation, we could identify some of these projects that would be ideal "proof-of-concept" for engaging J. Philip Group to handle some of these projects and make your team more effective.

When developing cost reduction strategies, it is important to put together all of the elements needed, using the best possible resources. We have the know-how, the contacts, and the resources to put these all together for you. Think about all the categories you manage: janitorial services, office supplies, garment hangers, packing tape, cardboard shipping boxes, etc. ... you know that if you just had the TIME to focus on them more, you could improve your costs and processes.

Trade Credits

Many companies have entered into transactions that have resulted in the accumulation of “Trade Credits”, otherwise known as “Barter Exchange” credits. These credits have real value and can be turned back into cash!

The Trade Credit industry is focused primarily on the use of Marketing categories to use these credits, however many companies don’t find this practical. J. Philip Group knows how to convert these in transactions in a wide variety of NON-MARKETING categories!

We urge you to check with your CFO to see if your organization has any “Trade Credit” or “Barter Exchange” credits sitting on the books gathering dust. J. Philip Group can assist your organization in re-monetizing these assets, and lowering your cash outflow.

We have a proven track record, and can coach your Purchasing, Sourcing & Procurement, and Finance teams in the methods for getting cash back from these credits in non-marketing applications across a wide range of supply and service categories. You will be surprised when you learn how many vendors are willing to accept Trade Credits as partial payment IF you have the expertise to execute the deals properly.

Contract Services

The Contract Services business is consolidating rapidly, and you have a right to expect more for your service dollar. J. Philip Group has experience in:

• Developing standardized Scope-of-Work for your needs

• Consolidating service providers to lower expenses

• Consolidating billing practices to simplify your A/P processes and cut costs

• Recommend consolidation of appropriate services to reduce costs, such as landscape maintenance and snow removal

Cosmetic Repairs: This is a much neglected category in Retail, Banking, Distribution Centers, and other high-traffic areas. A local manager almost never sends in a “work order” to get some stained ceiling tiles replaced, or to re-glue the cove base that is coming off the wall. They simply allow it to get worse until it requires a larger, more costly solution. We have experience in developing programs that address small repairs in a VERY cost effective manner.

Fixture, Signage Installation, and Rollouts: "Looking for ways to reduce costs in your Fixture Installation, Roll-out and Signage Installation expense? Our category expert has a proven track record of driving costs out of fixture projects."